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  • Six trends that will Shape Electric Utilities in 2016
    EITHER THE EPA or the groups opposing its Clean Power Plan will enjoy a victory early in 2016, but the CPP's ultimate fate likely won't be decided for two more years. The year also will see natural gas and coal continue their ascension and decline, respectively, in the pantheon of U.S. generation fuels.Beyond that, 2016 looks to be the year that energy storage starts getting deployed widely;
  • If the Solar Tax Credit Drops, Will Solar Growth Stall?
    GIVEN THE SUBSTANTIAL REDUCTION in the cost to install solar power in recent years, is the 30% federal solar tax credit still needed?Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, thinks so, announcing in the waning months of last year that he intends to propose legislation extending this credit, which is slated to drop to just 10% at the end of 2016.Many solar advocates would support an extension of the
  • Utility-scale Solar Slides to 5 Cents per kW, Record Low
     THE AVERAGE PRICE of power generated by utilityscale solar projects hit an all-time low of 5 cents per kWh last year, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.Its report, "Utility-Scale Solar 2014," said the drop put the price within the range of average wholesale electricity prices across the U.S., which was 3 to 6 cents per kWh depending on the region.The price would have


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