• Future Trends for Utilities
    Business in the 21st Century
    View from the Top | Jan 25, 2015 | Fred Buckman
    For a large part of my career, it was my good fortune to work in the electric utility business. My start came with Consumers Power in 1967 while I was still in graduate school and ended with my role as chief executive of PacifiCorp in 1998. The electric utility business I see today is quite different from the one I joined in the mid-'60s and even different from the one I left 16 years ago.
  • NERC CIP-014-1 Physical Security Standard
    Utilities Look to Get Started with NERC CIP-014-1 Physical Security Standard
    Insight Article | Jan 22, 2015 | Rick Shumard
    Steve Schneider
    The critical infrastructure protection (CIP) standard for physical security measures (CIP-014-1) from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has been approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and will become effective on Jan. 26, 2015. FERC approved the standard on Nov. 20, nearly nine months after it directed NERC to file the measures.
  • The Odd Culture of Wind Farm Protests
    Breaking Wind: The Odd Culture of Wind Farm Protests
    Insight Article | Jan 20, 2015 | Wayne M. Kovach
    Wind farms are popping up all over the world with the lure of cleaner electric generation and a lessened dependency on fossil fuels. Renewable energy, including solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass, is all the rage in the race to combat climate change. So, why is wind so often contested amongst the general population?
  • Spurring Global Electricity Access
    A Profound Inequality: Spurring Global Electricity Access
    View from the Top | Jan 18, 2015 | Jim Rogers
    Have you visited your doctor lately? Imagine if there was no choice but to be examined by candlelight, or worse, with no light at all - the doctor might have missed something. That's the scenario for 1 billion people around the world whose health clinics lack electricity.
  • 8 pieces of awesome advice from our women-in-energy series
    Insight Article | Jan 15, 2015 | Kathleen Wolf Davis
    For the past couple of years, we've been interviewing women across the power industry from Reliant's chief marketing officer to EPRI's cybersecurity expert to NV Energy's lineman. Each had interesting insights into the industry and into how women fit in this industry---even advice on how women can conquer this industry. So, we decided our gift to our readers would be to gather all the best advice from this series and put them all here in one handy spot.
  • Transactive energy: not ready for peak load
    Insight Article | Jan 13, 2015 | Derek Handova
    Over the last decade and a half, federal and state demands for a more reliable and economically responsive electrical grid have grown immensely. Possible solutions to this demand include transactive energy (TE), the combination of economic and control techniques intended to improve grid reliability and efficiency. TE is supposed to take the concept of distributed energy resources (DER) to the next level. If all goes according to plan, it could supplant the current power transmission model by the year 2020.

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